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Related article: Date : Fri, 18 September 17, 2004 Dec. 15 -0700 ( PDT ) From: bi_05_tex yahoo. com ~ ~ V Subject: Ben and I, Part III This is the latest installment of Ben and I mean the series. I not enough emails to continue. Sorry, guys. I could make a new story later. This story contains homosexuality, violence and profanity. If you are n ot all those things hurt, or are not of age, to read as of material, do not read this story. Thanks, and Little Models enjoy Ben and I, Part III Ben and I Part III that I'm surprised you still want more of the story of my first gay lover s hear it strikes me that not much to this wonderful evening at the Ben. We told our parents about our Little Models relationship and our two parents is accepted as a surprise. In later days, we had a lot of sex. We went to the movies and kissing at school. All that good things. Then, with this. I want to jump to a more intimate our time together. In mid-May, Ben and I were on our financial statements. We sat side by sideas we always have. Then I heard my name, " Brian Cox " I got up and was on stage and we all applauded. I took my diploma from my Main and left the stage to sit next to Ben. About 5 other names is said and heard, "said Ben Crosby !" Then took the stage. I stood up and applauded him. I had to get a football scholarship, the University of Arizona, or early this week. This made me even happier with him. Ben sat beside me and kissed me. So far, everyone knew they were gay. There was a small town. It quickly spread. We had some threats, but nothing is more important. Nothing that the police do not care. Idiots put your address on the envelopes. So the police came to them and say, to stop it. We had no problems afterwards. Ben and I sat with the rest of the ceremony and saw all our friends to get their diplomas. Mr. Probst was leaning over the podium and said:. "You are all wonderful students, this is just a step on the road, which will be the future. Now they are Little Models adults and are free to do whatever he can to Constitution of this great nation. Some of you will participate College in the fall. Others will go to different colleges. at the same time some work with the knowledge they already have. With that said, I must say, congratulations Class of 2000! 'S at the time was all in slow motion. We all threw their hats and cheered. Even the kiss that has Ben was slow. It is the best time of my life. A few weeks later, Ben and I began to celebrate our move to Arizona. we to get used to the area before school started. on the night before the parade we have a farewell party. Ben football friend, and some of my friends who did not tell me, came to wish us luck in Arizona. I father of three barrels of Budweiser for the event had provided. While mining and baught Ben Schmirnoff friends of friends. I looked out the corner of my eye, and Christina is sitting in bed by the wily the door. "I 'll be right back, honey. " I told Ben, when I walked into my room to see what Christina did. She looked up as I entered the room. that s had tears on his face with a picture of us in his hands. I said. "Hey, what is feminine " " Remember, this is the image of the Bri... * hiccup * us, if went to Florida in the band of trip. " n " Yes, that was a fun time. Why are you crying ? " " All Little Models these years I was in love with you. The day I told Ben, I wanna tell you how I felt. I wanted to say, because it will not be just seem longer. I love you, Brian Cox, Samuel. not just me will immediately show in time. I have to go. not want his party to ruin. " " wait, Christina. "I said as he left the room, out the door, out of my life. Ben came in and asked me what had happened. He said he the whole story, because I was crying my eyes. " you 're still not bisexual, Bri ? " N " I do not know, Ben. Not know. " " Let's drink some beer. Drinking all dayss encourages me. " Ben and I went to Minot the other room after I had ceased to mourn. I did only said. He drank and drank. Not remember much about that night. All that n remember, sex is what I had. I was in the bed of a pickup truck moved n and my legs are raised on high. remember that ass and type the head. remember the hell I the guy was very well. When I woke up a next morning, Ben was on me like I was in my own bed. was furious. "I thought you loved me, Brian. " 'me, baby. Why not think about? " " Did you think I would not know ? " " Find what? " " Little Models do not be silly! I caught you and Stan " " Stan? I have nothing to do with... Oh, God. " " Remember now, right? That is correct. They were big and fuck Stan friends the night before. " " Ben, I do not remember, damn Stan. I remember someone convicted. For all I knew, you would have been you. I remember, caught by and fuck a man. " " Whatever it is, Brian. I'm going. I'm going to Arizona and make my own life. " " No, Ben, no. " " Why should I stay here? It fucked with my best friend! " " Then punish me. Do not leave me. " I said, thinking how he could to punish me. " they punish you ? How I can punish? " reminds me that I have a special a condom sex shop baught one day in the mall had a condom that was the size of everyone who exalts is 2 times in size normal. I got it and showed it to him. "This is a the right track. My ass is probably the bleeding for a week, if you use this thing. " Ben saw the condom and was instantly hard, looked away and said. " How do I know you are not going to fuck other again, " n " Do not let me get drunk, not again?. "I said as I walked down to the ground unbutton his pants. I have both pants and underpants to reveal to the hard, 7 inches thick. I started sucking. Ben could not resist the temptation. He was s gone and grabbed a condom out of my bed. started packing and Place the condom. immediately felt the pleasure. was for internal ribs increases PLEasure the user.. Little Models " Get your ass out of here Little Models bitch " said: When is the condom. went to Little Models him and said, ".. Sit on it with his free throw bitch away from me I do not want to see your face, " I sat and now pushed 4 inches thick penis pain n ass. I screamed aloud. Luckily, the parents of my s were not home. I was right. I began to bleed immediately condom size. Ben was with me still in the queue. He was placed in the n me. I never had this problem before. I think expanding to accommodate my ass needed to Fri size condom on his penis. He turned to me to me and put it on the dog bed. He grabbed me and his cock in my ass. The walk was hurt worse than inch, Then he rammed Facebook me screamed in pain. I was tearing the skin of my ass. It hurt a lot. I pumped for an hour before she left for damage. My ass is stretched the time to spend enormous maturity. Could I finally had the honor of my pre -FELTate on pain of the key. I was a great burst of joy to my queue. I had worked pinful the sex. He immediately broke a pool of juice above my bed. It was the sperm had ever seen in my life. Ben was bombs even when he realized that the pain had ceased. He turned his back his fist and hit my ass. That was the last painful thing he has done for me. began to feel, after the second bath time. Finally, he turned a around me and put me in the center of my pool of semen. He smiled and out of my ass. He removed the condom and shook my ass back to is the size of the semi - normal. It was still small enough for the meat of Ben seems to is large. He put the meat back into my normal. I pumped into one hour. We were both at the same time. Ben went and licked the mixed semen from my stomach. My ass had to bleed profusely. There was blood on my leaves. The bleeding stopped apparently because the blood had dried on the leaves n. My ass was raw and sore. Ben and I took a shower together, where pushed me to do what he had done. The two dresses clean my room before my parents came home later that night. is s were found traces of what we had done everywhere. Unfortunately at Little Models this time, arrousement Ben fell. He Little Models was angry again. He looked at me and I said : "You're a bitch, I prostituted for me even to try to make for what you did with Stan I do not know what to do, wait, yes... I do, I \\ \\ n dumping. We are by Brian. I can not trust you. "Ben left the door. over an Little Models hour later, my parents came home. I was crying on the couch. I s mother came and asked, "What 's going on Sweety " " Why did this, my son, " ". Ben with me," I asked my father. " Well, last night I got really drunk. Remember having sex with a someone. I thought it was Ben. The problem was, it was his best friend. I Ben told me he was going to be punished, and he caught me with my condom thickening. When his erection away, he ran out the door andhas left me. " " Sorry, honey. "My mother told me sympathetically. Heard a knock on the door and she answered. Was Cristina. N " Hi, Chris. " I said, the tears from my eyes off the ropes. " I'm fine, Bri. I heard about you and Ben. Defeated Stan went to the airport. Stan said he would get his ticket changed for an earlier flight. Sorry, Bri. " I ran to my room and Christina. My parents were in the living room space n. They knew that Cristina could do better, as it is better for me to feel. I was crying against my pillow, laying and Christina rubbed my back, I said. "I loved him and Christina. I loved him. " " I know Bri. I know. " looked at me and said," Well, I know how you feel about last night. In addition, I had more. Wounded, " looked into his eyes here. Her big eyes beautiful blue. Remember our fun times together. We were approaching and closer. When we finally kissed. I felt loved again. More later that s the night, Christina and I went to Dinner and ended up in a hotel. I my first sex with her. I had spoken before of a girl, but I had never pussy. I slid my cock inside her. It felt different from a idiot. Her breasts were the right size. She had the most beautiful body of a woman he had ever seen. Smooth caught during 5 hours. I blew a burden to her. I forgot to use a condom, but he cared nothing for us. that knew we would be together. I'm with you on this day. I do not forget Ben Crosby, gay my first love, but now I have found my true love. Sometimes it happened that day crying at night. Christina baught has a strap to give me pleasure in this way, if I ever need. that is my story. The story of Ben and I
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